Cedar room with integrated store room
Cedar Rooms with incorporated stores
7th July 2017
Hobbit House
Hobbit Hole Playrooms
7th July 2017


If you need an instant workspace, look no further - from £7,395 inc. Vat

Finish 200mm x 20mm pressure treated softwood. It offers a soft rustic appearance, easily blends in to the garden and is a cost effective solution which will last for 20 years with minimal maintenance.
Dimensions & Pricing Micro Toby: 1.8m x 2.4m £7,935 incl. VAT
Toby: 2.4m x 2.4m £9,200 incl. VAT
Mega Toby:3.0m x 2.4m £10,120 incl. VAT
Description Here at Dore Garden Offices, we pride ourselves on supplying bespoke designs but we love this one so much we are making it our first Off-the-Shelf building. Named after the client’s 4 year old son, ‘Toby’, it can be installed in 7 days and the 3 sizes can fit in most gardens. If you need an instant workspace, craft room, painting studio, or pain cave, look no further. Using our unique Pilebar© foundation system, ‘Toby’ can be installed rapidly on any gradient by our friendly and professional team. Fully plastered finish with internal light and sockets as standard and includes electrical connection to your house..